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Friday, August 17, 2007

Summer is Over...

Yes - it's true. Summer has officially come to an end; if you are a teacher within the Anchorage School District. I know we get no sympathy from non-teachers, but going back to work after a long summer hiatus is still a shock to the system. I'm using that for my excuse for not blogging more this week & lack of any true knitting progress. Today was day #2 back at work - an 'inservice' day where teachers have mandatory meetings, trainings, etc. Like any occupation - some meetings, etc. are more beneficial/interesting than others. Today was no exception. One of the great things about the school where I teach & the department I'm in is our Weekly meeting at the local watering hole/pizzeria "The Moose's Tooth". Ahh - what fun to gather w/colleagues/friends & share a pint (or two). A good way to end day #2 of work.

Here's where I am on the knitting front:
I've made it to the gusset on the Jungle Stripe - 2 at a time - socks. That was the adventure, let me tell you! I was working in bed & just too comfy to jump up & search on the internet for the best way to pick up stitches along the gusset for 2 at a time socks. I quickly realized that when you turn the heel, you have to do one at a time since you work back and forth. That was no problem. The gusset was a bit more tricky, since I don't think I picked up stitches in the right order. So - I had to transfer stitches of the 2nd sock, albeit briefly, to a 2nd circ, pick up those gusset stitches & then put it back on the original needle. This was a bit unorthodox, but it seemed to work. So - just a few more decreases & then the foot & I'll be done with the pair. I still love thinking about that. I recently joined Monkey Sock Swap 3 (There's still time to join if your are interested) & am considering making the Monkey socks on one circular as well - guaranteed to finish a pair at the same time! :0)

I have been making progress on the 'Cindy' sweater. I finished the left side arm & started working on the right when I became concerned about how the 'V' was formed. So - I revisited the Yarn Branch where I originally saw the sweater made up. My 'V' is correct - hooray!
But... I apparently misunderstood the directions. If you look along the arm hole, you'll see a series of CR3 & CRL. When I looked at the made up sweater in the store, it only had a few of these & they didn't run all the way up the arm hole. Hmm... Now if the photo on the pattern would have been more clear about showing more of the details instead of the nifty necklace she's wearing, then maybe I could have avoided this error. Well - I'm just going to call it a new 'Design Feature'. I hope it doesn't affect the shape too much & that when I knit the sleeves, they actually fit. Arghhh... I am planning on singing up for a finishing class that is held in September to seam it together.

Well -


Mags said...

Congratulations on your "V"! And, as long as the sleeves fit, extra design features just make a sweater unique! How did you get the Monkey Swap button??! I've been trying and haven't figured out how! I like the picture of the little monkey - I want it for my page!

As far as summer being over, sigh, I truly feel your pain. Sorry I had to miss out on the Tooth - I was needed badly by my K9.

Fitknitmom said...

Hey Heather! Your socks look fabulous, I can't even imagine trying to knit two at a time. I love the sweater too, but I must admit, sometimes you speak in a knitting language I just don't fully understand yet.... notice I said yet.
We're back from our trip. We managed to avoid Hurricane Flossie, a small earthquake over on the Big Island, a potential tsunami from the quake in Peru and this morning I read there had been a 10 foot shark feeding on a deer carcass just down the beach from us.
Good luck back to work, cross your fingers that I'll be joining you in the ever exciting life of a high school educator.

Holly Jo said...

Those socks are cruising.

I understand the pain of going back. Ah. Those first few meetings. The planning. Hope re-entry continues to go well - Moose's Tooth is a good start. :)

Monkey Swap Pal said...

My Stepdad and my brother are on their way to Anchorage AK this week for fly fishing :-) They will be there for 1 week. It is a small world :-)