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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gold Medalist!!!

I've done it! I've earned the Gold Medal in the Yarn Harlot sponsored Knitting Olympics! According to the rules, I had to cast on a project that would be somewhat of a challenge during the opening ceremonies. I then had to finish the project before the Olympic flame was extinguished during the closing ceremonies.

My friends - I have done it. When I opted to join the Knitting Olympics, I knew it would be work. When I finished the sleeves ahead of my "schedule", I thought - no sweat. When I wasn't even halfway through the body as of Tuesday, I began to sweat bullets & doubt I'd make it. I was sure I'd "trip & fall" as the finish line approached.

But - I'm happy to report that as of 5:00 AST, during my finishing class (how apropos!) I wove in my last end & tried on my new sweater.

Introducing my "Olympic Eastlake"

Pattern: "Eastlake" by Norah Gaughan - **Errata available**

Yarn: Dream in Color, Classy - "Happy Forest". A great, superwash 100% Merino wool. Oh how I love this yarn! I first met this yarn when I knit the Baby Tulip sweater. So soft & sproingy.

Needles: US5 for the ribbing & neck; US7 for the body...

Mods: I took a leap & transferred the pattern to be knit in the round rather than in pieces so I could A) Avoid as much purling as possible & B) Avoid seaming as much as possible. I just knit in the round to one row past the eyelet row. The pattern includes a funky neckband extension - I'd certainly leave that out if I were to knit this again. I'd also learn how to use short rows to knit the sleeve caps for a better fit.

Happy to be done - perhaps now I can get my house back in order. At least the dilemma of what to wear to work tomorrow is solved! :0)



Holly Jo said...

You do realize you have posted about TWO sweaters in the month of February? You absolutely rock.

Eastlake looks fantastic on you. Love the color.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Looks great! And mmmmmm, DIC Classy. Love that stuff. Congratulations!

leah said...

Wow! I just ordered the pattern for this very sweater. I love yours! The yarn is great and the sweater. They work nicely together. And the fact that it was all done in the allotted time! Amazing!

Pat said...

Congratulations - you Eastlake is just beautiful - such gorgeous green!

Mrs.Q said...

That's gorgeous! Well done!

elizabeth said...

Oh, I love that sweater! It looks great on you!

Katrina said...

It looks fabulous on you!!! Excellent work, my dear.