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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

To echo the sentiments of so many others - Happy Thanksgiving!

Things I'm thankful for...

1) Family - The folks who love you no matter what & help keep you grounded. I'm happy to have a DH who can remind me when I'm steppin' over the crazy line.

2) Healthy & Happy Kids - When so much can go wrong that is out of your control, I'm thankful my concerns have been limited to runny noses. Let's hope they are continually blessed with good health & that our country can figure out a way to ensure that all children are so fortunate.

3) Great Friends - They know all about you & love you anyway. It's nice to know there are people out there you can chat with about anything, any time.

4) Financial Means - As we explain to our kids - we're not 'rich' in terms of cash, but rich in so many ways, I'm thankful to be in a profession that offers relative job security. So thankful that we're able to take our kids on vacations such as the one we're on now. Thankful that I can indulge myself in yarn & books. I'm hoping that educating youth will help them pave a path to financial security in their futures.

Day 3 in Kauai:

Orion & the perpetual sand castle building endeavor. Love how he's wearing goggles up on the shore - must be prepared in case a tidal wave floods his moat.

Iain off on his first snorkle. Poipu beach offers a nice shallow area perfect for kids. The lagoon is surrounded partway by a set of rocks which allows views of tropical fish such as Needlefish, Butterfly Fish, & "Gill" fish from Finding Nemo.

It's raining today (crazy rain!!) - but that hasn't dampened (ha ha ha) our spirits. It's great being together with family & having the opportunity to relax. Think I'll sign off for now & go finish sock #1.

Aloha ~

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Lisa Gentile said...

Hi, Heather and family. I'm loving your Hawaii pictures and your yarns. Happy Holidays! -- Lisa (Davis) Gentile