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Friday, May 23, 2008

6 Year Old Kidney Stone

That's what I thought it was when the pains began on May 22, 2002. I'd had kidney stones before & my OB had told me the afternoon before that I was "tight as a drum" and to make another appointment for 2 weeks later.

Yeah - shows you how much modern medicine can predict. I had emailed our school secretary that I needed to go home - that I wasn't in labor but was afraid I was having a kidney stone attack. I didn't feel any contractions in my abdomen (although later after being placed on a monitor, they were off the chart) - I was having all of my labor in my back. That "kidney stone" turned out to be little ( 7lb 8 oz) Iain Joseph born at 6:19am on May 23. Isn't he just the cutest? The secretary and I always laugh about that email & she likes to ask how my kidney stone is doing.

Smile!! You think this smile meant he was just the happiest kid around. Not so much - he never hesitated to let you know when he was unhappy, wet, hungry, dirty, or just wanted some attention. The smile just melts your heart.

Unlike his older brother who used the butt-scoot as a preferred mode of transport, IJ zipped around using the traditional crawling method. He figured, hey - if it worked for millions of infants before him, why change it? I wish the photo had better detail of his lower chin & the drool that was always hanging from it. A droolier kid you'll never meet. His pediatrician was always very kind. She said that just meant he was well hydrated.

Out for a stroll at a beach-side park in San Diego at about 14 months. Don't you love the bow legs?

Here's my "kidney stone" now:

Sporting his new summer 'do. He just completed kindergarten (vomiting on the playground during recess on the last day - what a fantastic way to end the year!) and is very excited for our upcoming road trip. He loves to play soccer, his Game Boy, read (!!! - yes, my children won't be illiterate!), knit (of course) and sing. Right now his favorite song to sing is "Kindergarten Wall" - search for it on iTunes; it's very sweet.

We love you!!!

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tiennie said...

heehee! Great story. Happy birthday to your 6yo!