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Saturday, September 29, 2007

On Your Mark, Get Set...

Friday afternoon found us at the Elementary Cross Country running Jamboree. Kids from elementary schools in the northern section of Anchorage congregate at a local high school for their culminating running event. Students in grades K ,1, 2 run 1/2 mile while the older kids run 1-mile.

The 'look' is very important to running your best race. Here we see IJ getting his 'game hair' ready.
All ready to go! Notice the hat (Duran Duran!) and turtleneck - winter is not far away! What you can't see are the first pair of wool socks I ever made. They worked their magic & kept my feet warm. The extra layers were in response to last year's frigid temperatures at the Jamboree. We weren't going to make that mistake again!

O.W. & I.J. pouring it on in the final stretch of the grueling 1/2 mile. See - they're running so fast the pictures are blurry!

The running jamboree is designed to help promote healthy futures of our kids. Kikkan Randall, a 2-time Olympian (Cross Country Skiing) and alum of East High (a former student of my program) was on hand to help get the kids warmed up & sign their bibs. Very cool! Be sure to cheer on Kikkan when she represents the U.S. at the 2010 winter Olympics. Could a gold medal be in her future? We hope so!

No new knitting news - just plugging away on my MSS3 socks. I hope to have them complete & in the mail within the next week.

Go U.S. women's soccer team - hopefully tomorrow they'll play a better game vs. Norway & bring home the bronze.


Mrs.Q said...

GREAT hair! Looks like it was a fun day!

Fitknitmom said...

The hair was fantastic! Isn't that just the funnest event? So glad the boys enjoyed themselves.